What We Do

Carleton Digital works with technology companies to improve teamwork and operational discipline. We build bridges between the business and technical sides of your enterprise.

Interim Vice President of Engineering

All technology companies need engineering leadership, but some companies may not be ready to sustain this role on a full-time basis. Carleton Digital can fulfill this role on an as-needed basis:

  • Turnaround leadership - solve operational/execution issues within your engineering team and get them back on track
  • Global development - design and build a global development team to access the skills you need at minimum cost
  • Process improvement - identify key bottlenecks and improve
  • Improve transparency - make engineering progress visible
  • Engage the business - facilitate meetings and design processes to ensure marketing, sales, and engineering pipelines are fully connected

Interim CTO

Challenged delivering a clear technical vision of your company's products and services to your customers and partners? Need to ensure that your intellectual property is documented and protected? Acquiring another company's technology?

  • White papers and presentations - we can help articulate your company's products and services, with our years of experience in technical communication
  • IP programs - we can work with you to put programs in place to protect your IP
  • Engineering audit - get an independent perspective on the team, processes, and IP

Business Meets Technology

Do you have a business plan, but no engineering capability to implement?

  • Reality Check - adjust your solution and generate alternatives, ensuring your solutions can be realized at reasonable cost
  • Partnerships - get a Silicon Valley insider to help evaluate partnership opportunities.
  • Execution - help assemble a global development team to turn your idea into product as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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